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Parenting a pet is a lot of work, especially when you do not have the right tools. We found that out first hand when we brought a German Shepherd into our home. We constantly found ourselves going into different stores and surfing the internet hoping we can find products to end all of our problems. Needless to say, we were unsuccessful.

Let's face it. They can be a real fur bomb come shedding season! As you can imagine, his first grooming session didn't go so well. It was at this very moment I set out to locate solutions for dog owners like me. With Rocky by my side, I began my search for groomer supplies that could be of assistance. Having tried and tested a variety of grooming gadgets on my canine companion, I quickly discovered how important it is to be properly geared up.

There's no way around it. Clean paws keep the home tidy. And our favorite dog shedding tool is the grooming glove with gentle touch for precious pooches who love being pampered. Though popular among dog moms and dads, the shedding tool is also considered the best cat groomer among friends of felines.

The store

Shop our collection of grooming supplies, bathing products, hair removers and more to get control of the hairy situation your four-legged fur baby has going on. Every item has been personally approved by Rocky, so you know you're getting only the finest finds.

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Dog Products

Creative dog products to keep your baby safe, happy and healthy. Deshedding gloves, grooming brushes, outdoor accessories, puzzle toys, leashes and calming beds to reduce anxiety.

Cat Products

Creative cat products from grooming tools to toys to keep your baby happy and healthy. Deshedding gloves, grooming brushes, puzzle toys and calming beds to reduce anxiety.

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